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Travelling and Studying

Travelling, nowadays, represents a great learning opportunity since it is also a cultural experience. It is very important because it shows you different places, societies and ways of thinking, and also helps you to catch other cultures. So, travelling should be a basic component of the development of our mentality. In fact, autonomous travels, school trips and school exchanges are necessary since they contribute to the growth of our own culture. But each of them has different meanings and aims in relation to their nature.

Autonomous travels are closely connected to the habits and interests of each one. In fact there are many people interested in travelling and others who don’t care about it or don’t have so much free time to be spent in this activity. Autonomous travels  are subjective, so for someone they aren’t interesting, but for someone else they potentially are the most important opportunity of development of their culture.

School trips are quite different. They are proposed as good opportunities of travelling for the school and a formative experience for all the students. But it is also true that these trips are thought by students as alternative ways to avoid school lessons. So the instructive aim of school trips often gets subordinated to the infant mentality of the students.

On the contrary, school exchanges actually represent a very important opportunity. In fact, they are more serious than school trips because they are connected to a big responsibility of the school exchangers. Such a responsibility is necessary since it helps them to face the difficulties of new schools, new students and new countries. They can potentially give a basis to the general culture of the exchangers.

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