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Music and Young People

Musical groups have had a great influence since music became available for a lot of people, but nowadays, with the spread of electronic devices, it’s importance has grown more and more. In fact music is a vehicle to transmit emotions, ideas and even role models. For this reason music can condition people a lot, especially the youngest ones.

Music also had a great importance in some of the most important social revolutions of the past. For example in the 60’s and in the 70’s rock music was the flag of the freedom ideals of a whole generation.

But music could even be misunderstood and some people could be driven in socially harmful behaviours. In fact some musical compositions drove weak subjects to use alcohol, drugs and even to kill other individuals, but usually the band who composed these songs had no intention to induce to violence or wrong behaviours.

Other times music is used with dystopian intentions: the song “Bodies” by Drowning Pool, one of the greatest nu metal bands ever, was used to torture some prisoners in Guantanamo Bay’s American prison (they where forced to listen to this song while they where immobilized and flashed by lights).

But this song was just an esaltation of the positive sides of mosh-pits (the extreme metal dances, where somebody usually gets hurt, but there is a great solidarity among the dancers).

So music can be used for bad purposes, but it may become a mean of spiritual elevation, a hobby to express creativity and even a way to change the body beyond the genetic limits (this is the case of Brainwave Entrainment): monaural, binaural and isocronic tones have a great influence on cells, glands and brain states).

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